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River City & Western Railroad

The River City and Western Railroad is a free-lance bridge railroad set in the late 1950�s � early �60�s connecting Midwestern to Western locales beyond the railroad. The main yard, River City, is a division point between the East (Chicago) staging yard and the West (Los Angeles) staging yard. Thus both through freight and passenger trains crossing the layout in both directions and locals operating out of River City in both directions make for interesting operations. In addition, the American Steel Corp. has an integrated steel plant operating in River City, receiving raw materials from mines on the layout and shipping product in all directions. It also has in-process movements of coal, coke, ore, limestone, lime, scrap, hot metal, slag, and ingots handled by its own switch engines, representing several fallen flags of the American steel industry.

There are several towns in each direction from River City that offer switching operation challenges for local freight operations. Industries in these towns provide both inbound and outbound freight for movement to or from the east or west, as well as to River City. There is a full engine terminal at River City to keep a hostler busy.

The layout is double-decked with a mainline run of about 400 feet.  Basic scenery is finished... All landforms are in place as are most buildings, but some detailing and finishing is yet to be done. Some of the bridges, buildings and industrial facilities were built by the late Harold Geiger in the late 1940�s and have survived many moves. Some were built by the proprietor either in the early 1950�s or more recently. Several of the buildings were built in recent times by good friends Joe Duda and Ron Kuykendall. The steel mill was built by the owner recently...

The rolling stock is a mix of new and old (circa 1950) model equipment. The latter has been upgraded with KD couplers and improved trucks. Motive power is virtually all new, many with sound.  All passenger equipment is �shorty�, which looks better on layouts with 36-inch radius curves.

The layout has been under construction for 12 years and is nearly "finished".