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Photo Gallery

1. Prospector along Ruby River

2. Prospector passing fishermen

3. Herding cattle

4. Oil field at Antelope

5. Plains station

6. Plains fueling stop

7. Iron Hill mine

8. Cactus patch

9. B-58 hustler breaking the sound barrier over the desert

10. 12th hole on the River City CC course

11. American Steel shipping building

12. Fall colors near Roundup

13. Leaving the desert behind

14. Downtown roundup

15. Raw materials for the electric furnace shop

16. Engine yard at River City

17. River crossing

18. Blast furnace with high line

19. CTC Panel

20. Freight along bank of Ruby River

21. Fishing along the Ruby River

22. See how big my fish is!

23. Narrow gauge crossing the main

24. Narrow gauge at Black Rock

25. River City with yard tracks


26. Downtown buildings in River City


27. River City Union Station


28. River City with engine terminal in front


29. Westbound leaving River City past ASC shipping bay and flour mills


30. An under-the-upper-level view of the flour mills


31. ASC blast furnace and Cargill elevator and dock alongside river


32. ASC coke battery


33. East end of yard


34. Western Cement shipping building


35. Oil refinery at Mineral Springs

36. Mineral Springs meat packing plant

37. Mineral Springs industries

38. Icing plant and orange groves

39. Oil-fired power plant in the desert

40. River canyon with tracks heading east to upper-level destinations


41. Ruby River


42. Narrow gauge parallel in the canyon


43. Coal Mine for coal to American Steel at Black Rock


44. The staging yards. Chicago upper and L.A. lower, with head hostess, Mollie, checking things out


45. ASC blast furnace "Rosie"

46. River City diesel shop

47. ASC coke oven battery

48. Coke guide car in place ready for hot coke push

49. Ladle preheater in ASC electric furnace shop

50. West end of ASC EAF shop

51. East end of ASC EAF shop

52. Furnace and ladle in EAF shop

53. Tunnel exit with exhaust fan

54. River City coaling tower

55. Orange grove in the desert

56. Saw mill near Black Rock

57. Mineral Springs depot

58. The proprietor in front of "Rosie"